The Apartment Complex 6

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The Apartment Complex 6

Postby Lyoko Is Great » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:32 am

This means, you only control yourself, no one else.

This is a violation of the rule: "I throw a pie at <someone> and it slams right into their face!" That post will be automatically removed, and the member warned.
Correct way: "I throw a pie at <someone> and it heads for their face" Then let the <someone> decide either it hits his face or not.

Basically, its a virtual apartment complex that you live in. You can do whatever you want in your own room/floor, or someone elses...So to get started, please choose a floor/room (if room, specify floor) and start off yourself with an action! Enjoy!

*The maximum floor is 1000 which the entire floor is owned by me! The roof: anyone can go there, but not live there!

Location and weather
The apartment is located at Santa Cruz, California, Next to the Pacific Ocean.....Only I get to update the weather and temperature. Sunny, no breeze, 105 degrees F.

I chose the 1000 floor! Naturally.

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